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The Catoons is the creation of Adina Baker and Obren Bokich. When they aren't working together, they're married. Adina is an illustrator, painter, writer, and creative director. Obren is a writer and musician.


Adina drew the original catoon as a silly Valentine for her sweetie. Obren posted it on social media and friends seemed to like it. One friend, Joe, thought catoons should wear stripey pants. He was so right!

​Did you know there's a real Scotty named Chloe? She doesn't have wheels for feet, but she and Scotty share the same intense stare and polite demeanor. Chloe's never been on a scooter, but she likes riding in the car, going to the park, her horse friend, Dexter, but mostly she likes supper.


Adina, Obren and Chloe live in the rolling hills of Los Angeles.

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