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What the heck is a Catoon? Excellent Question. Catoons are little masked fluffballs, a cross between a cat and a raccoon (like Syd) or two catoons (like Nancy).  What are they like? That's another good one! Catoons are pleasantly plump, kind and friendly, curious and thoughtful, and neat as a pin. They like nothing more than learning something new or embarking on a little adventure. Apart from these commonalities, catoons are as individual and unique as you and me. Catoons live in a picturesque little town called Toonsville. You should come for a visit and stay awhile.

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Scotty Name.png
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Scotty is the smartest tool in the shed. He doesn't say much because he's always thinking about important stuff and figuring out complex problems. He loves riding on Syd's scooter, where he does some of his best thinking. Scotty is droll and quiet, but his unblinking stare tells you all you need to know.

Moose Angled on Trike.png
Moose Name.png

Moose is a hot mess of a mutt. He's a grump and does some not-so-nice things like knocking Syd off his scooter and taking things that don’t belong to him. He doesn't have good friends, because he hasn't learned to be a good friend. But don't give up on Moose just yet. Sometimes a dog can learn new a trick, it just might take a while to stick.

Dolly isolated sitting.png
Dolly Name.png

Dolly is as sweet as they come, but even dolls have their limits. She's not a fan of Moose, but who is? She loves helping Nancy in the kitchen and making new friends. She's particularly fond of her fluffy tail, which seems to go missing on a regular basis.

Einstein Standing.png
Einstein Name.png

Einstein’s a cool little cat with a big brain. She’s spelling bee champion, inventor, and makes tasty lemonade. If you need a study-buddy, a friend to help think your way out of a jam, or a partner for the science fair, Einstein's your gal.

Ron Name.png
Ron with Sandwich.png

Ron is a fastidious hand washer and plays a mean ukulele. He's besties with Einstein and is a bit of a night owl which means he sometimes falls asleep during class. His favorite animals are fish and he likes taking care of the aquarium at school.

Syd Name.png

Syd's a sweet catoon and our main fella. He loves Scotty, lunch and riding his scooter. He’s also pretty handy with a needle and thread. Syd's got a serious catoon crush on everyone's favorite friend, Nancy. He hopes to follow in his dad's footsteps and one day be the world's greatest sales guy. He's a bit forgetful but also forgiving and always tries to do the right thing.

Red on limb.png
Red Name.png

Red is a little Cardinal who doesn't miss a trick. Not sure what's happening in a story? Try checking in with Red. His eyes and pointing wings might give a heads-up when trouble (aka Moose) is on the way. Red likes hanging with Syd and Nancy, dive-bombing his friends, and sandwiches with lots of mayo.

Nancy Name.png

Meet Nancy, everyone's favorite friend. Kind, smart and adventurous, she likes doing nice things to make others feel special, but she’s no pushover. Nancy is passionate about baking and ballet and she's also pretty handy with a wrench. She's sweet on Syd and loves Dolly more than just about anything, even pie. 

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